Tax ControversyCase Types

Tax Court Litigation

When the Commissioner of Internal Revenue has determined a tax deficiency, the taxpayer may dispute the deficiency in the Tax Court before paying any disputed amount.

Appeals Representation

The Office of Appeals is an independent organization within the IRS where taxpayers resolve their tax disputes through an administrative process.

Audit Defense

Examination of your tax return by the IRS to verify that your income and deductions are accurate.

Tax Collection Alternatives

If you agree with the amount owed but payment is a issue see tax resolution section.

Wage Garnishment

For w-2 workers, the taxing authority requires your employer to start taking pay out of your check up to 80% per pay period.

Tax Levy

The IRS/State Revenue Agency will typically warn you prior to issuance of a levy. Generally, a levy will be sent to the bank.

Tax Lien

The IRS/State Revenue Agency will usually file a tax lien if you owe more than $10,000. The lien acts differently than a levy.

FL Entity Formation

Whether its an LLC, Partnership, or Corporation, our firm will help you draft all the necessary paperwork and give you a tutorial on how to run a business.

Over $71 Million in Tax Liability Reductions!

Tax ResolutionTax Collection Alternatives

Lump Sum Payment

Agreeing to a full final payment amount with the potential for penalty removals.

Payment Plan

Working with you to make sure paying the IRS doesn’t interfere with other monthly obligations.

Collection Hold

We Prepare Financials And Work With The IRS / State to Stop Collection Activity.

Debt Settlement Negotiations

Preparing detailed financials on both individual and business assets in order to settle your tax debt through an offer in compromise.

Lien Release

Depending on the timing of a tax lien, we have a hearing with the IRS to defend why a lien should be removed.

Levy Relief

Whether it is a levy or wage garnishment, we work with the IRS to resolve the issue and stop the taking of funds from your bank or pay.



This is the process in which we file an application to settle your debt with the IRS (or State Revenue Agency). In order to submit an application you must be in filing compliance and current payment compliance for the year in which we are submitting the application to settle. This process includes a minimum 32-page financial analysis where we will take an in-depth look at all assets and expenses of both the taxpayers and their business, if a business owner.

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AnnaMarie L. Mitchell

Esquire. LL.M.

AnnaMarie has been in the tax controversy and resolution arena her entire professional career. With a LL.M. (Masters in Tax Law) from University of Florida, and a law degree from St. Thomas University with a specialization in tax, AnnaMarie is well qualified to handle any tax issue – both State and Federal. Prior to opening her own tax law firm, AnnaMarie was a Tax Clinic Director at Gulf Coast Legal Services, where she was responsible for all handling all tax issues on the West Central coast of Florida. AnnaMarie has successfully reduced taxpayer liabilities in excess of $71,000,000.00 to date, and is certified to practice law in front of the Florida State Supreme Court, Federal District Court, and US Tax Court. With a client centered attitude focused on results, you can be sure that AnnaMarie is the right tax professional for you.

David Bauer

Esquire. LL.M.

With proven experience in tax, probate, asset protection, real estate title/escrow, and estate planning, David Bauer delivers custom-tailored wealth management solutions for individuals and corporations.

Mr. Bauer has represented clients in a broad range of tax matters, including international tax, FBAR and offshore voluntary disclosure, estate and gift tax, income tax structuring, mergers and acquisitions, corporate tax and IRS audits.

Mr. Bauer earned his J.D., magna cum laude, from St. Thomas University School of Law. He continued his studies at New York University (NYU) School of Law, by earning an LL.M in Taxation, in 2013.

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